Our general annual assembly took place, August 22, 2009,
at the Centre Culturel Marie-Fitzbach, in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce.



The members who were present have all been amazed by the natural beauty of this part of
 the Beauce, and especially by the city of Saint-Georges, where an important place has been
provided to the greenery and the river that crosses the city.


Our meeting took place in the chapel of the Centre Culturel, an ancient convent who belonged
to a society of Sisters. Preparations for the meeting are moving at a brisk pace; here, you can see
Jacynthe Dionne and Richard-Joseph Veilleux who are placing our flag beside the table of the
members of the executive committee.



The Centre Culturel shelters the municipal library of Ville Saint-Georges, the Centre of Arts and the museum of the Beauce entrepreneurship. Incidentally, the book « Dionne Spinning Mills co., edited in 2005, which relates the birth and growing of the mill « Les Textiles Dionne », mentions the important participation of Mr Jean-Guy Dionne, the last Dionne who owned the mill, to the development of the Centre Culturel.



An important place is also deserved to him in the museum of the Beauce entrepreneurship and a boulevard, in Ville Saint-Georges has been given his name to honor him : Boul. Dionne. 



The former mayer of Ville Saint-Georges, Mr Roger Carrette,  was invited to welcome the participants.
 He is a true « personnage » in his town, and he his so proud of his city.



The president of the association made short work of the meeting. At it’s end, a new
Board of Directors was elected. See Board of Directors

Then, the outgoing members of the Board were hartily thanked for their work. These persons are Gilles, Lucie and Gisèle Dionne. We also gave our annual Méritas to Dionnes whose professional carreer had been very profitable. So we honored Mrs Claudette Dionne and Mr Réal Dionne. See this link. Our Meritas.



And finally, the association thanked the principal organizers of our gathering, Mr Joseph-Richad Veilleux and his wife, Mrs Constance Dionne, both living in Ville Saint-Georges. (photo Activités-St-Georges,015) Here they are with Jacqueline Dionne, member of the Board of Directors of the association. Then, the organizers invited the participants to gather a buffet served by Les Buffets Irma, a known house in Ville Saint-Georges,  which celebrates in 2009, its 25th anniversary.