«D'azur, à une croix d'argent brochante sur la campagne ondée du même cantonnée: au 1er, d'un lys, au 2e, d'un cep de vigne, au 3e, d'une maison antique, au 4e, d'une gerbe de blé, le tout d'or; et chargée de douze étoiles de gueules.» 

Motto: «Avec Dieu servir». 

Réalisateur: Lucien Godbout, prêtre 
Directeur de la Société d'héraldisme du Canada 
1, Côte de la Fabrique, 
C.P. 460, Succ. H.-V., Québec (Québec) G1R 4R7 


Alfred Levasseur


The BACKGROUND of the shield represents Quebec, particularly l'île d'Orléans where the ancestors of the Dionne family, Antoine Dionne and Catherine Ivory, settled.
The CROSS, considered an honorable piece, signifies our ancestors' and their families' belief in the Christian faith. An honorable piece is one which enlivens and enriches the coat of arms, and is called  "honorable" because it is found on all the most ancient and beautiful coats of arms.

The POINT OF THE SHIELD is formed by a wavy surface to show that our ancestors came to settle on the island by way of the river.  It also symbolizes the water of the fountain called  "Divona, Dionne"
The FINE POINT represents the "long point" of the island where Jean Dionne said Sanssoucy, Antoine, his wife Catherine Ivory, and their child André, settled from 1662 onwards.
This long point is a reminder of the hull of the vessel that transported the first Dionne ancestors  
The LILY symbolizes the French origin of the Dionne ancestors, which at one time adorned all the shields of kings and princes in France.  It is found again on the Quebec flag.
The VINE STOCK is to remind us that it was at l'île d'Orléans that Dionne descendants come from.  L'île d'Orléans is the island of Bacchus, as the first Frenchmen to reach the island called it.
The ANTIQUE HOUSE highlights that is was in a Normandy-style home where Antoine Dionne and Catherine Ivory lived their final years;  Antoine died there on December 25, 1721.  This house belonged to their son-in-law, Bathelemy Gobeil, and dates from the 18th century.
The SHEAF OF WHEAT is to remind us of the vocation of the first Dionnes.  They were attached to the land.  They loved it and lived many hours of peace and happiness on their land.
The TWELVE STARS represent the 12 children of  Antoine Dionne and Catherine Ivory.  It is known that "around 1680 all families with 12 or more children were given a dowry by King Louis XIV".

BLUE (azure) symbolizes France and Québec.  It is the symbol of peace, the firmament, of the sky and of Heaven itself.
RED (gules) symbolizes fervour, courage and strength.  It reminds us of fire and its power.
GOLD symbolizes spiritual values, those of the heart and the spirit.
SILVER (white) represents material values, such as agriculture, economy, national life... and also the colour of water, of the river... It is the image of purity and strength.
4. MOTTO  
[With God to serve]

A motto that honours the Dionne family and will secure the Divine Trinity's protection and blessings.