The Association Les Dionne d'Amérique  inc. was founded to gather  the Dionnes and create close bonds among them. 
  • by periodical meetings and memorial festivals, 
  • by sharing genealogical and historical informations
  • by organizing meetings and various events
  • by publishing a quarterly Bulletin and collecting archive material
The Association is a member of the Fédération des familles-souches du Québec inc.

The Association "Les Dionne d'Amérique inc." is a non-profit organization. Under a charter issued by the Quebec government, it was founded December 4th 1986.

Thereafter, December 14th, 1986, the first meeting was held in the office of the "Fédération des familles-souches du Québec inc.".  There, our new Association adopted its constitution and bylaws.  Also, various committees were formed of which the organizing committee for the celebration of the 325th anniversary of the arrival of the Dionnes in America

Important dates

While years are going by, anniversaries are more and more important, and the need to keep these events in our memory becomes more pressing. This is the reason why we believe that it is necessary to present this page which will remember the most significant moments of the history of the association Les Dionne d'Amérique inc.



5th  anniversary of the association.

The annual meeting took place in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, on September 7 and 8. A cycling tour was organized for this occasion. A commemorative plaque was also unveiled on the outside wall of the Manoir Seigneurial, in Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies, a tribute to the Seigneur Amable Dionne.



10th  anniversary of the association.
That year, the general annual assembly took place at the Île d'Orléans, on September 21st.




The association celebrates its 15th anniversary of foundation in Lévis, Hôtel Rond-Point, on September 22nd.

Moto of this anniversary: "Les Dionne, 15 ans… et toujours de l'avant!" (The Dionnes, 15 years… and always going forward!)

A logo was created for this occasion, and it was presented on each front page of the four issues of the year of our bulletin "La Voix des Dionne".





Great ceremonies were organized to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the association. For that occasion, the Board of Directors asked members to suggest a representative theme. The one which was considered the best was Mrs Nicole Dionne de la Chevrotière's one:

"Les Héritiers d'Antoine"
(Antoine's heiress
And not only did she propose this theme but she also illustrated it talently by realizing a water color painting which appeared on the front page of the four issues of 2006 of our bulletin "La Voix des Dionne". The work of art was also placed in each page of our web site.

At the end of the year 2006, we needed to keep this event in our history. And this is the reason why we give it this place.



The members of the organizing committee. From left to right:
Pierre, Nicole, jean-Paul, Jacqueline, president of the association, Pierrette and François Dionne.
Were absent, Jeanne and André Dionne.


So, in order to give this event its real importance, the Board of Directors mandated an organizing committee. These people took time and energies to prepare carefully the activities to be offered to the participants. The place chosen for this gathering was the beautiful village of Kamouraska where Jean, son of our ancestors Antoine Dionne and Catherine Ivory, installed himself around the year 1700 with his spouse Marie-Charlotte Mignault. The celebrations took place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 of August 



Mme France Dionne

mrs France Dionne

The members of the organizing committee asked Mrs France Dionne, former representative of Kamouraska/Témiscouata county at the Parliament of Quebec province and now Québec delegate to New-England, to be the honorary President of this gathering. They also ordered homeland wines from St-Pacôme, Kamouraska county.

Moreover, a commemorative tombstone was unveiled in Le Berceau de Kamouraska after the Sunday mass celebrated in the Kamouraska church and presided by Father Roland Dionne who also blessed the tombstone unveiled by Jacqueline Dionne, former president of the association and Mrs France Dionne, honorary president of the gathering.


In addition to the general annual assembly which took place on the Saturday, the participants could visit the Museum of Kamouraska and participate in a rally in the streets of Kamouraska. A banquet closed that day.

On Sunday, a mass, the unveiling of the commemorative tombstone, a BBQ lunch and friendly discussions.




From left to right, Mr Marcel Dionne, Mr Claude Langlais, mayor of Kamouraska, Alain Dionne, sculptor, Jacqueline Dionne, Mrs Michèle Dionne, father Roland Dionne, Mr Jean Charest, Mrs France Dionne and Mr Claude Béchard.

Mr Philippe Dionne and his spouse, Mrs Alice Lavoie

Parmi les invités d'honneur, on notait la présence de M. Jean Charest, Premier Ministre du Québec, son épouse, madame Michèle Dionne et leurs enfants, de même que M. Claude Béchard, député du comté de Kamouraska-Témiscouata. Présence aussi des parents de Michèle Dionne, M. le Docteur Philippe Dionne et son épouse, madame Alice Lavoie.

We also met Mr Yvon Dionne, member (001) and co-founder of the association.
Here he is with Mrs Jacqueline Dionne.

Mr Jean-Yves Dionne, retired teacher, accompanied by his spouse, Mrs Claudette Gauvin

Loyal American members, Mr John Dionne and his spouse, Mrs Marguerite Dionne,
 coming from Grand Isle, Maine

Loyal American members, Mr John Dionne and his spouse, Mrs Marguerite Dionne,
 coming from Grand Isle, Maine



Our Meritas of the year 2006

Mrs Carmen Dionne, experienced teacher of Sherbrooke University and full professor of a research chair in early intervention for kindergarten and primary school children.

Mr Marc-André Dionne, teacher and societies administrator

Mrs Céline Dionne, from Boucherville, had in hand the winning ticket of the water color paint representing the logo of the 20th anniversary of the association, work of art offered by Mrs Nicole Dionne de la Chevrotière. Jacqueline Dionne is presenting her prize to Mrs Céline Dionne.

In the year 2011, the association Les Dionne d’Amérique inc. celebrated the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the association. A great gathering was planed and took place in the College Sainte-Anne, in La Pocatière. (Gathering's photos) More than 100 people joined the organizing committee for that important day. The main event of the day was the presentation of the new Dionne’s dictionary, work of Alain, Jacques and Claudette Dionne.