« Le Semeur »

Dadicated …
To all those sowers,
these first ancestors,
prominent figures greater than nature
who worked the soil
and took root in it.

To all those « semeurs » of ideals,
those visionaries who believed
in their dreams, and in the future.

To all the descendants
of Catherine Ivory
and Antoine Dionne.

Alain Dionne, Sculptor
September 18, 1999



Three times a year, the Assocition publishes «La Voix des Dionne,» a Bulletin containing information on Dionne families, members' genealogical lineage, outcome  of research, main events, the annuel get-together, news in brief related to the Association and its members.



Yves Dionne
(418) 833-3366




  Dear Dionnes,


You certainly read newspapers, magazines, and possibly have access to the internet. The person responsible for the bulletin committee has a pressing need of any articles, news of all sorts that could be of interest for our members, such things as special events in your community, whether they be the celebration of special events such as births, marriages, deaths and others, in order to enhance our "Nouvelles brèves" chronical. Such communiques are of great interest to all our members. I wish to encourage all  members who wish to contribute to our bulletin.to do so by communicating with either by letter, Email or phone.  Many thanks for your contribution.