Genealogical dictionnary of 

“Les Dionne d’Amérique du Nord” It's now reality



The authors of the new Dionnes’s Dictionnary, Alain, Jacques and Claudette Dionne,
posing proudly with their masterpiece.


The new Dionnes’s dictionnary coming out had been promised for the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the association Les Dionne d’Amérique. This term was for the year 2011. Today, on September 17, it is done and the promise has been kept. The authors are very proud to present the result of their efforts: more than 1 200 pages, 20 000 families which have been filiated for at least 95%, a hard and blazing cover, in short, a true masterpiece. And all comments from the new owners praise the high quality of their new buy.




The first edition is now sold and some ask for a new printing. So if you don’t have already your copy of the dictionary, please join one of the authors whose Email is lower in this page. The members of the Board of directors of the association could also transmit your request. The only number of requests will force the authors to accept to order a new printing. It’s up to you…


Alain Dionne
, St-Lambert, Québec, E-mail:
Jacques Dionne, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Québec, E-mail:

 The New Dionnes's Dictionnary